9 letter word starting with th

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
the gapes A fit of yawning., A disease of young poultry and other birds, attended with much gaping. It is caused by a parasitic nematode worm (Syngamus trachealis), in the windpipe, which obstructs the breathing. See Gapeworm.
thalassic adjective Of or pertaining to the sea; — sometimes applied to rocks formed from sediments deposited upon the sea bottom.
thaliacea noun pl. A division of Tunicata comprising the free-swimming species, such as Salpa and Doliolum.
thallious adjective See Thallous.
thallogen noun One of a large class or division of the vegetable kingdom, which includes those flowerless plants, such as fungi, algae, and lichens, that consist of a thallus only, composed of cellular tissue, or of a congeries of cells, or even of separate cells, and never show a distinction into root, stem, and leaf.
thanatoid adjective Deathlike; resembling death.
thanehood noun The character or dignity of a thane; also, thanes, collectively.
thaneship noun The state or dignity of a thane; thanehood; also, the seignioralty of a thane.
thankless adjective Not acknowledging favors; not expressing thankfulness; unthankful; ungrateful., Not obtaining or deserving thanks; unacceptable; as, a thankless task.
thatching present participle & vb. noun of Thatch, The act or art of covering buildings with thatch; so as to keep out rain, snow, etc., The materials used for this purpose; thatch.
theandric adjective Relating to, or existing by, the union of divine and human operation in Christ, or the joint agency of the divine and human nature.
thearchic adjective Divinely sovereign or supreme.
thecodont adjective Having the teeth inserted in sockets in the alveoli of the jaws., Of or pertaining to the thecodonts., One of the Thecodontia.
theftbote noun The receiving of a man’s goods again from a thief, or a compensation for them, by way of composition, with the intent that the thief shall escape punishment.
thegnhood noun Thanehood.
thenadays adverb At that time; then; in those days; — correlative to nowadays.
theobroma noun A genus of small trees. See Cacao.
theocracy noun Government of a state by the immediate direction or administration of God; hence, the exercise of political authority by priests as representing the Deity., The state thus governed, as the Hebrew commonwealth before it became a kingdom.
theocrasy noun A mixture of the worship of different gods, as of Jehovah and idols., An intimate union of the soul with God in contemplation, — an ideal of the Neoplatonists and of some Oriental mystics.
theogonic adjective Of or relating to theogony.
theologer noun A theologian.
theologic adjective Theological.
theologue noun A theologian., A student in a theological seminary.
theomachy noun A fighting against the gods, as the battle of the gaints with the gods., A battle or strife among the gods., Opposition to God or the divine will.
theomancy noun A kind of divination drawn from the responses of oracles among heathen nations.
theopathy noun Capacity for religious affections or worship.
theophany noun A manifestation of God to man by actual appearance, usually as an incarnation.
theorbist noun One who plays on a theorbo.
theoremic adjective Theorematic.
theoretic adjective Alt. of Theoretical
theorical adjective Theoretic.
theorized imp. & past participle of Theorize
theorizer noun One who theorizes or speculates; a theorist.
theosophy noun Any system of philosophy or mysticism which proposes to attain intercourse with God and superior spirits, and consequent superhuman knowledge, by physical processes, as by the theurgic operations of some ancient Platonists, or by the chemical processes of the German fire philosophers; also, a direct, as distinguished from a revealed, knowledge of God, supposed to be attained by extraordinary illumination; especially, a direct insight into the processes of the divine mind, and the interior relations of the divine nature.
therefore adverb For that or this reason, referring to something previously stated; for that., Consequently; by consequence.
therefrom adverb From this or that.
thereinto adverb Into that or this, or into that place.
thereunto adverb Unto that or this; thereto; besides.
thereupon adverb Upon that or this; thereon., On account, or in consequence, of that; therefore., Immediately; at once; without delay.
therewith adverb With that or this., In addition; besides; moreover., At the same time; forthwith.
theriacal adjective Of or pertaining to theriac; medicinal.
thermally adverb In a thermal manner.
thermidor noun The eleventh month of the French republican calendar, — commencing July 19, and ending August 17. See the Note under Vendemiaire.
thermogen noun Caloric; heat; regarded as a material but imponderable substance.
thermotic adjective Alt. of Thermotical
theropoda noun pl. An order of carnivorous dinosaurs in which the feet are less birdlike, and hence more like those of an ordinary quadruped, than in the Ornithopoda. It includes the rapacious genera Megalosaurus, Creosaurus, and their allies.
thesaurus noun A treasury or storehouse; hence, a repository, especially of knowledge; — often applied to a comprehensive work, like a dictionary or cyclopedia.
theurgist noun One who pretends to, or is addicted to, theurgy.
thialdine noun A weak nitrogenous sulphur base, C6H13NS2.
thibetian adjective & noun Same as Thibetan.
thickbill noun The bullfinch.
thickened imp. & past participle of Thicken
thickhead noun A thick-headed or stupid person., Any one of several species of Australian singing birds of the genus Pachycephala. The males of some of the species are bright-colored. Some of the species are popularly called thrushes.
thickness noun The quality or state of being thick (in any of the senses of the adjective).
thickskin noun A coarse, gross person; a person void of sensibility or sinsitiveness; a dullard.
thinkable adjective Capable of being thought or conceived; cogitable.
thinolite noun A calcareous tufa, in part crystalline, occurring on a large scale as a shore deposit about the Quaternary lake basins of Nevada.
thiophene noun A sulphur hydrocarbon, C4H4S, analogous to furfuran and benzene, and acting as the base of a large number of substances which closely resemble the corresponding aromatic derivatives.
thirdings noun pl. The third part of the corn or grain growing on the ground at the tenant’s death, due to the lord for a heriot, as within the manor of Turfat in Herefordshire.
thirsting present participle & vb. noun of Thirst
thirstily adverb In a thirsty manner.
thirtieth adjective Next in order after the twenty-ninth; the tenth after the twentieth; — the ordinal of thirty; as, the thirtieth day of the month., Constituting or being one of thirty equal parts into which anything is divided., The quotient of a unit divided by thirty; one of thirty equal parts.
thitherto adverb To that point; so far.
thoracica noun pl. A division of cirripeds including those which have six thoracic segments, usually bearing six pairs of cirri. The common barnacles are examples.
thornback noun A European skate (Raia clavata) having thornlike spines on its back., The large European spider crab or king crab (Maia squinado).
thornbill noun Any one of several species of small, brilliantly colored American birds of the genus Rhamphomicron. They have a long, slender, sharp bill, and feed upon honey, insects, and the juice of the sugar cane.
thornbird noun A small South American bird (Anumbius anumbii) allied to the ovenbirds of the genus Furnarius). It builds a very large and complex nest of twigs and thorns in a bush or tree.
thornless adjective Destitute of, or free from, thorns.
thorntail noun A beautiful South American humming bird (Gouldia Popelairii), having the six outer tail feathers long, slender, and pointed. The head is ornamented with a long, pointed crest.
thralldom noun Thraldom.
thrashing present participle & vb. noun of Thresh, a. & n. from Thrash, v.
threading present participle & vb. noun of Thread
threadfin noun Any one of several species of fishes belonging to Polynemus and allied genera. They have numerous long pectoral filaments.
threaping present participle & vb. noun of Threap
threatful adjective Full of threats; having a menacing appearance.
threefold adjective Consisting of three, or thrice repeated; triple; as, threefold justice.
three-ply adjective Consisting of three distinct webs inwrought together in weaving, as cloth or carpeting; having three strands; threefold.
three-way adjective Connected with, or serving to connect, three channels or pipes; as, a three-way cock or valve.
threnetic adjective Alt. of Threnetical
threshing present participle & vb. noun of Thresh
threshold noun The plank, stone, or piece of timber, which lies under a door, especially of a dwelling house, church, temple, or the like; the doorsill; hence, entrance; gate; door., Fig.: The place or point of entering or beginning, entrance; outset; as, the threshold of life.
thretteen adjective Thirteen.
thridding present participle & vb. noun of Thrid
thriftily adverb In a thrifty manner., Carefully; properly; becomingly.
thrilling present participle & vb. noun of Thrill, Causing a thrill; causing tremulous excitement; deeply moving; as, a thrilling romance.
thrillant adjective Piercing; sharp; thrilling.
thrittene adjective Thirteen.
throating noun A drip, or drip molding.
throbbing present participle & vb. noun of Throb
thronging present participle & vb. noun of Throng
throttled imp. & past participle of Throttle
throttler noun One who, or that which, throttles, or chokes., See Flasher, 3 (b).
throughly adverb Thoroughly.
throw-off noun A start in a hunt or a race.
throwster noun One who throws or twists silk; a thrower.
thrumming present participle & vb. noun of Thrum
thrumwort noun A kind of amaranth (Amarantus caudatus).
thrusting present participle & vb. noun of Thrust, The act of pushing with force., The act of squeezing curd with the hand, to expel the whey., The white whey, or that which is last pressed out of the curd by the hand, and of which butter is sometimes made.
thumbbird noun The goldcrest.
thumbless adjective Without a thumb.
thundered imp. & past participle of Thunder
thunderer noun One who thunders; — used especially as a translation of L. tonans, an epithet applied by the Romans to several of their gods, esp. to Jupiter.
thundrous adjective Thunderous; sonorous.
thwacking present participle & vb. noun of Thwack
thwarting present participle & vb. noun of Thwart
thylacine noun The zebra wolf. See under Wolf.
thyrohyal noun One of the lower segments in the hyoid arch, often consolidated with the body of the hyoid bone and forming one of its great horns, as in man.
thyrotomy noun The operation of cutting into the thyroid cartilage.
thysanura noun pl. An order of wingless hexapod insects which have setiform caudal appendages, either bent beneath the body to form a spring, or projecting as bristles. It comprises the Cinura, or bristletails, and the Collembola, or springtails. Called also Thysanoura. See Lepisma, and Podura.