9 letter word starting with tu

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
tubercled adjective Having tubercles; affected with, tubercles; tuberculate; as, a tubercled lung or stalk.
tubercula plural of Tuberculum
tubicolae noun pl. A division of annelids including those which construct, and habitually live in, tubes. The head or anterior segments usually bear gills and cirri. Called also Sedentaria, and Capitibranchiata. See Serpula, and Sabella.
tubicolar adjective Tubicolous.
tubinares noun pl. A tribe of sea birds comprising the petrels, shearwaters, albatrosses, hagdons, and allied birds having tubular horny nostrils.
tubivalve noun A shell or tube formed by an annelid, as a serpula.
tubularia noun A genus of hydroids having large, naked, flowerlike hydranths at the summits of long, slender, usually simple, stems. The gonophores are small, and form clusters at the bases of the outer tentacles.
tubulated adjective Made in the form of a small tube; provided with a tube, or elongated opening.
tue-irons noun pl. A pair of blacksmith’s tongs.
tufaceous adjective Pertaining to tufa; consisting of, or resembling, tufa.
tuggingly adverb In a tugging manner; with laborious pulling.
tuko-tuko noun A burrowing South American rodent (Ctenomys Braziliensis). It has small eyes and ears and a short tail. It resembles the pocket gopher in size, form, and habits, but is more nearly allied to the porcupines.
tulipwood noun The beautiful rose-colored striped wood of a Brazilian tree (Physocalymna floribunda), much used by cabinetmakers for inlaying.
tumblebug noun See Tumbledung.
tumefying present participle & vb. noun of Tumefy
tun-great adjective Having the circumference of a tun.
tungstate noun A salt of tungstic acid; a wolframate.
tungstite noun The oxide of tungsten, a yellow mineral occurring in a pulverulent form. It is often associated with wolfram.
tunicated adjective Covered with a tunic; covered or coated with layers; as, a tunicated bulb., Having a tunic, or mantle; of or pertaining to the Tunicata., Having each joint buried in the preceding funnel-shaped one, as in certain antennae of insects.
tunnelled of Tunnel
tunneling present participle & vb. noun of Tunnel
turanians noun pl. An extensive division of mankind including the Mongols and allied races of Asia, together with the Malays and Polynesians., A group of races or tribes inhabiting Asia and closely related to the Mongols.
turbaries plural of Turbary
turbidity noun Turbidness.
turbinate verb i. To revolve or spin like a top; to whirl., Alt. of Turbinated
turbinite noun A petrified shell resembling the genus Turbo.
turbinoid adjective Like or pertaining to Turbo or the family Turbinidae.
turbulent adjective Disturbed; agitated; tumultuous; roused to violent commotion; as, the turbulent ocean., Disposed to insubordination and disorder; restless; unquiet; refractory; as, turbulent spirits., Producing commotion; disturbing; exciting.
turcomans plural of Turcoman
tureenful noun As much as a tureen can hold; enough to fill a tureen.
turfiness noun Quality or state of being turfy.
turgesced imp. & past participle of Turgesce
turgidity noun The quality or state of being turgid.
turgidous adjective Turgid.
turkomans plural of Turkoman
turmaline noun See Tourmaline.
turmoiled imp. & past participle of Turmoil
turnerite noun A variety of monazite.
turnhalle noun A building used as a school of gymnastics.
turn-outs plural of Turn-out
turnpiked imp. & past participle of Turnpike
turnplate noun A turntable.
turn-sick adjective Giddy., A disease with which sheep are sometimes affected; gid; sturdy. See Gid.
turnstile noun A revolving frame in a footpath, preventing the passage of horses or cattle, but admitting that of persons; a turnpike. See Turnpike, n., 1., A similar arrangement for registering the number of persons passing through a gateway, doorway, or the like.
turnstone noun Any species of limicoline birds of the genera Strepsilas and Arenaria, allied to the plovers, especially the common American and European species (Strepsilas interpres). They are so called from their habit of turning up small stones in search of mollusks and other aquatic animals. Called also brant bird, sand runner, sea quail, sea lark, sparkback, and skirlcrake.
turntable noun A large revolving platform, for turning railroad cars, locomotives, etc., in a different direction; — called also turnplate.
turnwrest noun Designating a cumbersome style of plow used in England, esp. in Kent., designating a kind of hillside plow.
turpitude noun Inherent baseness or vileness of principle, words, or actions; shameful wickedness; depravity.
turquoise noun Alt. of Turquois, Having a fine light blue color, like that of choice mineral turquoise.
turribant noun A turban.
turrilite noun Any fossil ammonite of the genus Turrilites. The shell forms an open spiral with the later whorls separate.
tutorship noun The office, duty, or care of a tutor; guardianship; tutelage.